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I'm new to this forum and 240s, but I'm looking at buying a 240 as a daily. I just when and looked at one and was wanting some input.
The car is a 92 with 198,000 miles with a new clutch. supposedly had 135 across the board on the compression test. It did leak coolant, but the kid swore up and down it was from the radiator drain plug. Im not sure if it was running hot as all but the fuel gauge didn't work, the HUD didn't work either. I wasn't able to get under it and see where the coolant was coming from but you could smell it and it was dripping pretty bad. All the other fluids looked good. Also the key cylinder was pretty worn out because we had a hard time to get the key to turn, but it started up nice once the key finally was able to turn. Overall the car drove well and had plenty of power. The body was pretty strait, it had some rust on the pinch but not to bad. here are some picture i took of the car. He wants 600 bucks for it.

Also going to look at a 90 auto that appears to be in really excellent shape here is the link.
1990 Nissan 240sx
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is the coupe stick or auto? i would go with the coupe if its stick just as long as it is only the drain plug but make sure it dont smoke and also smell the oil and make sure it dont smell like coolant and that its not burnt worse case replace motor there easy to do
It is a stick, i drove it and ripped on it pretty hard and didnt see any smoke at all. The oil is good as well.
I would say its a steal for 600 bucks
I want it, are these cars decently reliable? cause my gsx seems to love the feel of jack stands under it, and i have no more room in the garage for another beached whale.
Yup. the run but are old. Dont expect that you beating on it wont hurt it
ehh its just a daily, i wont be to hard on it.
how much rust does it got? have u checked all the frame rails and strut towers etc.. but imo its a steal for 600$. fixing that leak proly ownt be hard
From what i seen just a little on the pinch weld by the rear wheels, and the bottom of the inner finders on the rear wheels. A little spot on the truck and another little spot inside the trunk. So not good but not to bad i dont guess. The strut towers looked good. Ill cheak it out really good when i go back to pick it up.
Yeah i thought that seemed kinda low. What compression should a good condition KA be at?
I think 170psi at best
The guy sold it out from under me the day i was going to pick it up :(
ah sorry to hear that.
that happend to me a few months ago when I was looking for anothe car ha, its not fun. you'll find another one though
Yeah i was kinda upset, they seem to be pretty common though.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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