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New from annapolis

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Hey what's up I'm new from Annapolis, md I have a 92 240 coupe I'm about to be done with my manual swap this week, I bought the car about a month ago and blew up the auto, since buying it I put coil overs on and painted my wheels green, I will post pics up ASAP, ps thank you to 4cfedfd for the help with manual swap
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If you want more hands this weekend, Pm me or Sleepy_Steve. Welcome.
Glad to hear you got help with the swap, help is always good. I often go over to help Boostin by heckling him and removing stuck bolts. Anyways welcome!!! Come out to shit.

This weekend is either supper awesome Casey tears his door cards to make them even cooler.

-- OR --

Steve's uber last minute panic attack on getting ready for an emissions test next Wednesday.
So yeah, basically we're free. And bored :p
yall should come mine and 4cfedfd's way and check out his almost daily 10 second 3rd gen rx7, and yeah i need to get my whip inspected and emissioned on sat so times tickin away, good news is i just got my clutch today
p.s i might need some help puttin in some crower 288 cams and valve springs etc.
Steve's good for that :p Hit us up with the info on where/when.

I'm captain obvious. Never fails I notice something crucial you'll miss :p
O hey. Lol yea not much on the 240 back ground for the swap but reading up and im a mechanic helps.
The cam swaps? I've done them, I hate them, and I'm never 100% sure if I've done them right. But if you follow the pics in the FSM closely you shouldn't break anything.

I'm down to help as long as I can bring something to drink.
And don't forget to come up to College Park for the weekly BWW get-together :p
Ok I need help with wiring the manual trans I keep getting different opinions on wiring and I can't make sense of what everyones saying, help? Tonight?
If you come up to BWW tonight/ we come down this weekend, I've got the 240sxTech DVD on the 5spd swap. Should explain all the wiring if you can't find answers.
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