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New From GA!

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Sup guys! Heres my cars.

96 Skyline-
Tein Super racer coilovers
HKS 272 cams
Tomei head gasket
Calico bearings
CP pistons
HKS H beam rods
Top secret headstuds
TRUST Valves and springs
Custom GT40r Spools pretty quick
nismo rims
Bosch fuel system with aeromotive pumps
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Sard 1000cc injectors
Apexi power FC with commander
HKS intercooler
Koyorad radiator
Greddy trust exhaust and downpipe.
HKS step 2 crank
TRUST Big capacity oil pump
Nismo mounts.
Custom intake manifold and throttle body (Q45)

Been a long time since its been built so I can remember the prices.

93 Onevia- Red top Sr20det

Cp pistons- 700
manley h beam rods- 450
briancrower 264 cams- 355
brian crower dual valve springs-240
grreddy rocker arm stoppers- 90
mazworx headstud kit-200
apexi 87mm 1.1 heaad gasket- 230
s14 Sr20 oil pump- 120
s14 sr20 oil pick up- 70
Greddy intake manifold- 175
Tial 50mm wastegate- 540
1000cc precision injectors- 600
Wolf EMS- 1800
CX racing radiator and two 12inch fans- 220
aeromotive fuel pressure regulator with guage-190
Bosch fuel system with twin bosch pump. steel braded fuel lines all the way -1200
meth injection kit- 350
polished, weight reduckted and balanced crank 175
ACL 0.025 rod and main bearings- 180
sr20det tranny bell houseing with the ka24de tranny back- 250
Hks intercooler and pipeing-500
HKS ssqv3 bov- 90
light weight pullies-100
custom made top mount manifold-500
AVG billit wheel 68 mm turbo completly custom made. will handle 600 hp 38 psi and spools at 2700 rpm- 1900
custom down pipe and exhaust 120
Innovate wide band with lc1 contoller 250
j30lsd 100
five lug 400
z32 tt front brakes steel braded lines 230
xxr 552 17" by 9 in the front and 18 by 9 1/2 in the back. Flat black 650
origin stlye tail lights- 100
nismo shift knob- 85
NRG 350mm deep steering wheel, NRG quick release hub and NRG hub for s13 240
SAGA gauges electronic with built in control boxes and alarms. Have boost, oil temp, water temp and oil pressure -320
Greddy oil filter and eneos oil- 55
yokohama s drive tires- 335
drift ebrake knob- 20
corner eight 32 way adjustible coilovers- 650
JDM purple jug knuts- 112
S13 coupe- 1200
Labor- 4500
SPEC Stage 5 clutch- 500
Brian crower titanum valves and retainers- 200
Projector headlights (glass not that knock off plastic stuff)- 100
Gauge holders- 50


I am wondering if My tranny and drive shaft and axles will hold up on my 440hp setting, I wont be thrashing my car much and I will daily it on Wastegate but I DID build the car to go fast so I will have some fun with it every now and again. So im just wondering if there is anything I can do to the stock tranny to make it hold or should I go on ahead and get the z32 tranny and the conversion kit. I just dont have the money right now because this car truly is a money pit.
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:thumbsdowI might be mildly impressed if you had some pics....

Projector headlights (glass not that knock off plastic stuff)-
every 13 headlight I've seen were glass. I'm not trying to be contentious, I'm just kinda doubtful when I see a thead like this...and what's the deal with the prices?
Why do I care that you can't control your own spending? Gotta do something with your car besides spend money on it.

Needs pics as well.
Welcome to the forum. That's quite a lot of money you've spent there. Should definitely send some this way.

Also, x2 for pics.
Sorry lol! just what i had on my note pad to keep record so i just copied and pasted. I will get pics as soon as I got to my parents and get my camera, I have a new computer so I dont have any right now, ill get some up tomorrow evening.

And why the negativity? I didnt ask for your sympathy I just wanted your opinions on how much a stock sr tranny would hold. I WILL replace it when I can save up just need it to drive until i can get a cheap daily. And i spent what I can afford this month so I will have to wait until the end of next month to do anything. and if you want your can nice it costs MONEY.
Welcome to the forum. That's quite a lot of money you've spent there. Should definitely send some this way.

Also, x2 for pics.
Thanks man for a warm welcome at least lol! didnt know other car enthusiast were so freakin moody lol. Yeah I work really hard and put alot of time and tears in my cars.
I'm sure they just misread the first post. They're actually good people once you get to see more of what they contribute.
I'm sure they just misread the first post. They're actually good people once you get to see more of what they contribute.
This post assumes I can read. This is a false assumption.

Stock trans should hold if you don't do silly things like clutch kicks and 5k rpm launches on drag radials. I don't hear much about the trans being the first thing in your drive-line to break. Normally its a drive shaft or an axle once you're making big power, so don't sweat being on a stock trans.

Looking forward to pics.
Yeah, sorry, didn't mean to come off so harsh. I've just done my time throughout many automotive forums and seen many post like this. Types of posts that describe a ridiculously sick car, but there are no pics and the poster never comes back to the site. I'm not doubting you, and yes, welcome to the site. These cars sound like pure sex, that's why we want to see the car porn. ;)
^See? Good people.
Thanks guys! Yeah I WILL DEF have pics, Im trying to get a ride to the shop where my 240 is being built, its not a looker, its sanded down right now and a hundred parts inside but ill take pics so you guys know im not bluffing lol. i understand now. I i will get pics of my skyline as soon as i get my camera. dont have one here. but I promise ill get pics up!

Thanks again guys!
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