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New member, new ride.

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hey wassup guys. new to your site here, and i gots me some learning to do.

i own a 95 s14, with alot of custom work done to it. we removed all the egr system, the cat, we got a 3" piping to a duel tip ss muffler, battery relocated, short ram intake, subframe bushings, tokiko blues, kusco strut bat in back....lota of other stuff also.

but the main thing im having trouble with is the custom front end we did. its got zenki lights with a kouki bumper.....we're calling it the zouki front. haha. anyways we just got the bad boy runnin and now its time to do the lights.....and NO WHERE does the turn signal bulbs fit. im pretty new to 240's, so dont exactly know where its supposed to go. any help or ideas?

P.S. once i find my cord for me phone ill get some pics up of it.
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^^kinda like this?
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I'm thinkin' he's talking about the USDM bumper?
The Turn Signal lights should fit unless the use a different type/size?

Nice to see another 808 on here...
yea.....but.....those are CLEAN. lol. my pride and joy to make it look like that. but yea the light set up is the same. any idea on how its set up tho?
Pic of what your having problems with? Cause the way you have it explained it sounds like a simple PnP but then your asking so it might not be what you have described.
Looks like normal JDM turns in the picture, USDM's have a specific slot for the US turns.

Post pics.
If it's a bumper set up to take the JDM Kouki signals, then it should be a straight bolt up.

and 240 Kid you might have heard of these guys. I am quite a "******" but have many, many friends from the "808" and one of them decided to bring this here...

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Might be a lost Underground crew because I haven't seen that sticker in AGES lol. The only Decal I can recognize as new/around is the U-Down you have on your Rear Window.

Lovin' the "Pray 4 Rain" lmao. Because we do.
yea i fugured it was a PnP thing....but i havent found a socket to fit the lights....or a socket that fits the connector.
do i need to upload to photo bucket first?
Yes, you need to upload/host them first.
damn....looks like no where has the connector. looks like im gonna have to mod a light.

nvm. i think its gonna be easier to cut and splice some connectors that fit. anyone run into any probles doing this?
Lol if you post pics you might not need to cut anything.
Sorry for the late welcome, but welcome!
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