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For Sale is a new rebuilt garrett turbo.

Rebuilt by Blaast performance for 500 bucks and hasnt been used since. Their service includes not only a full rebuild on seals, bearings and ect. but also it is balanced and all that. the specs are:

- Garrett t3/t04E
- 57 trim
- hot side is .48 A/R
- cold side is .60 A/R
- Rated for up to 475 hp

The turbo is in excellent condition and is great for any application especially for the KA-T setups because you will see full boost at 3500 ish if not sooner and have awesome mid range and top end power. im asking 500 shipped for it OBO.

hit me up on aim: boostn240sx785 or [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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