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New to a 240

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Whats up all? Been hoppin between cars for 4 years now, most recently a 96 240sx that I picked up last week. It's an auto, but got a 5 speed sittin in the garage that I just need to find time to swap in. I'm planning on turning this into my first project car, do the suspension, paint it black (cause everything looks better in black lol), and either an engine swap or throwin a turbo on the ka. Any suggestions on what I should do in terms of the engine? I know that the SR20 is seemingly the most common swap and pretty straightforward. The RB25 (which is what I think I want to do) requires more work/money and different mounts and a custom drive shaft. I'd do an SR before an RB20, so not worried about that one, and the RB26 would be way out of my budget. I'd like to maintain handling ability while eventually running somewhere in the 12's on the 1/4 with room for improvement if I get the itch lol Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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