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Hello! I just joined the forum because I am a car enthusiast who has been on the hunt for a 240sx and need guidance. I've been looking for a while but never feel comfortable with my insight since I'm not all that knowledgeable in cars let alone 240sx's. I recently found on on craigslist listed for $6500 and wanted to know what a reasonable offer would be and if it would be worth it to try and turn it into a daily. Here's the craigslist ad:
1995 Nissan 240sx ka-t

Asking $6500 obo

T04e turbo
Cast top mount turbo manifold
Blitz bov
Tomei 740cc injectors
3c ecu with nistune
Evo 9 front mount intercooler
White bunny 6 puck clutch with about 1.5k miles on the clutch, the rear main was replaced with the clutch as well as flywheel bolts, i also replaced the trans fluid at that time.

Car is currently running on 12lbs

96 Q45 front brakes
88 Z31t rear brake calipers
95 j30 rear rotors

Whiteline adjustable front sway bar
Isr rear toe arms
The rest have prothane poly bushings
Front isr caster arm
Kyb shtruts
Tein springs

Z32 na diff
J30 cv axles
Single picee drive shaft

G35 wheels

Nrg quick release
Grip royal wood grain and chrome wheel
Black sparco steering wheel
Autometer phantom oil and boost pressure guages

A/c and heat work
Cruise control works

The cluster says 229360 miles but it is not original, the cluster i replaced had 154xxx miles but i also cannot be sure that it was the original. In short i cant honestly say what the mileage is but the car runs great and drives great.

The car isnt perfect and a few of the thing that bothered me the most are as follows. The door panels are not in great shape and the dash is pretty cracked, it could use adjustable rear upper control arms to really dial in the alignment, and the oil pan leaks as well as the turbo return line(not tereibly but there will be drips on the driveway). And the cosmetic rear window seal pops up in one corner, it does not cause a leak only an eye sore.

I bought this car about 3 years ago and it has been a super fun and surprisingly reliable car.

Feel free to ask any otherr questions you might have.

With the sale of the car ill include and spare parts i have like various interior trim and an ac flap motor, a couple of roller wheels.
I know I won't really know the real amount of work that has to be put into it until I talk to the owner/ look at it, but I wanted someone's insight who knows what they're talking about.
Some notes are:
- The paint looks to be some kind of rap, so it's good for now but I'd eventually want to change it
- My overall budget is around $10,000 to just get it running healthy and make it as comfortable to drive as I can afford
- Some of the work I can do but most I'd probably be paying a mechanic to do

I apreciate the help and look forward to interacting with everyone!
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