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Newish to the forum...but not to the car

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I used to be on this forum back in the day but forgot my login and password so I made a new one and figure I would tell u about my 240.Well I have had my s13 for over 2 years now, at first had nothing but problems none pertaining to the car just the previous owner was a moron. It is a 91 silver all stock. I bought it from a man who had it rebuilt by a shady mechanic he left the timing chain tensioner off and the chain had slack in it it rubbed a hole in the water jacket so as a amazing fix he silliconed it and still left the tensioner off and it rubbed through again when I had it, my water pump was full of silicone. I roasted the crank earings due to water oil mix so I took it upon my self to rebuid it myself, being 17 and nervous as hell I took my time but left out the machining work. Well it drove beautifully for a month then it started acting up my valve guides which were bad from the start gave ut on the no 3 cylinder. I tokk the head off sent it to a machinist whom my family has went through for 20 years and found out the head was warped past manufactures specs. I opted to just buy a new engine so I bought a s14 ka24 and swapped all necessary parts over to it and now this weekend since my SRT 4 is down for awhile waiting on parts I am going to swap my s13 ka cams to the s14 engine and install my engine finally. And since i Have been attending Nashville auto diesel college I have a way better understanding on how to fix my 240
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This thread needs some pics

Welcome back to the forum tho
I will be getting sum pic of my 240 when I go back to my hometown this weekend. Its all dusty from sitting n stuff tho
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