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Nissan 240SX Rumors Persist

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Nissan appears poised to return to the affordable sports car segment. After long-standing rumors that the Japanese automaker would build a successor to the 240SX the folks at AutoCar are reporting on a possible come-back for the European 200SX (known as the 240SX in North America).

The largest issue facing Nissan, however, is finding a suitable platform for the car. According to a recent report by AutoCar, those in charge of the project at Nissan want the vehicle to be a rear-drive model – like in the past. The only possible platform available is the 370Z's, but it would likely prove too heavy, even in a down-sized format. Where this leaves Nissan and the rumor mill regarding the 240SX revival is anyone's guess, but we'd definitely welcome the return of the 240. Just please give us the good engine this time.

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I like that shot they used +1
oem sexy
DRL's FTW. I dig um'
I honestly dont want them to make another 240.

Cars these days look like shit to me. The curves are getting stupid ridiculous. The headlights are fucking retarded. They are to fat because of safety standards, there is no way around the weight, the 240 will never be below 3200lbs if they make another one.
You never know...
^ :iagree:i am actually very curious about how it will look. besides, won't that bring the value up on older ones?
also, sorry for the double post, but everyone knows the endless possibilities of nissan
i hope its a hybrid
^ :iagree:i am actually very curious about how it will look. besides, won't that bring the value up on older ones?

No, it wouldnt. At least thats my logical thought process.

8 years ago my drums were worth over 3500 bucks just for the shells, no stands, no cymbals, just the kit by itself.

Then Ludwig started making them again and the value dropped hardcore.

Im assuming it would be the same with any other thing.
I agree if they come out with a new 240 it needs a good engine
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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