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*No QUESTION Threads*

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The past few days I've been seeing alot of threads that are asking how to do something. This is the Install Guide Section. It says it in the description: "Install posts only". From now on any thread I or another mod see posted in here asking a question will either be closed/moved/deleted. This is the Install Guide section. Not the Technical section where you ask questions...

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How do you install a brake light bulb in the car? Do you just buy any bulb or is there a specific one for each car?

And how much would it cost to get it done? I only have a six dolalr budget. FML.
So it seems that this thread hasn't quite gotten the point across so.....



Obviously ppl don't seem to read when posting a thread.

It's CLEARLY stated next to the Section Title: **For install posts only**
I made this thread. STICKIED it and it still hasn't seem to get the point across.

So since these people posting threads in here can't read, neither can I and I'll just the delete the threads.
Tired of getting reported posts and having to move threads.

They are now being DELETED.

They will be "Soft" deleted upon first sight. And will be "Physically" removed/deleted the following week.
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Motion seconded.

Now, can you tell me how to check the air in my tires?
What you do is post that question in a thread in this section. And you will be contacted by either myself or another mod with instructions of how to do so...... ;)
Yay for logic!
The idea of a forum is to share information. You shouldn't be discouraging questions. It's how people learn.
They aren't discouraging questions, they're just telling guys like you where to post the questions.
The idea of a forum is to share information. You shouldn't be discouraging questions. It's how people learn.

There are other sections for questions. And this isn't one of them.....
Hooray for correcting other people's illogical statements.
I think I just made a how-to thread that didn't tell the reader how to install or remove a part.

Did I put it in the wrong section? Or is it cool if I keep making threads about how to make your own shit?
can i put a sr20det in a 93 hatch back
Speaking of the SR ^

I'm wondering which is better, the KA or SR..??? I can't seem to find any info on which is better........:ihit
What's a SR? Was that a rare factory option in 240sx's?
i heard they only cam on silvias, will i be able to get 500 hp from installing one, and will it do 160 mph on my gps
Nope. SR's won't do that. Only KA24E's....
mmm k (i mite post in wrong section *n00b fail* dam it)
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