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north GA athens/commerce area

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i just got a 95 240 from a guy for cheap and i already have a small small car club with a few friends and i was seeing if anyone on here was in this area. i also need a motor for my car if anyone has any hook ups let me know
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come meet up with us one time for our drift events and car meets...

Georgia Drift and Car group Phat Rides...

Drift Events (Cordele GA)
YouTube - Phat Rides : The Southern Drift Event 2011 OFFICIAL PART 1 [HD]

Car meets Sat @ 9pm in Savannah GA, Montgomery crossroads and Abercorn
YouTube - Savannah_Meets_April_2011

BMW Precinct Meet on AngieFest 2011
YouTube - AngieFest April 2nd 2011

Phat Rides faction...
YouTube - Savannah Georgia Car Club: Phat Rides

Add me via facebook: [email protected] (Dawson)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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