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Old 240SX Commercial

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I have been digging around Youtube looking for some classic 240 commercials and found the one I was looking for. Anyone remember this:

YouTube - Nissan 240sx commercial

This commercial brings me back to the old glory days when I used to dream about owning one of these. If you have any other favorites or poster pics, post em' up!

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^I saw that one a few years ago. No wonder were always stereo typed for "Drifters" :p
I've seen the first one a couple times, but never the second one. Good find. Maybe its just me, but its a nice change seeing a 240 completely stock.
It's always nice to see a completely stock one. Nice to ride and drive a stock one too lol.
I wish my red pig nose looked like that ):
Weren't the 240s marketed to older people to be more economical in a way? I would not see old people drifting in the street lol
The were marketed as a fuel economic sporty car that was safe to drive and affordable. Straight from the facotry all jazzed up was just a little over 19k.
YouTube - 1994 Nissan 240 SX Commercial

Never heard of the s14 being called a luxury coupe hahahahhahaa.
These are all new to me. I was not even born when the first two where made haha
YouTube - 1994 Nissan 240 SX Commercial

Never heard of the s14 being called a luxury coupe hahahahhahaa.
Hell's yeah son. Only if you got the SE :(
im sorry this is not a 240 commercial but while looking at them. what was nissan thinking about with the pathfinder?
or the 300 zx

sorry for getting slightly off topic but ll nissan they had some odd commercials
HA how bout that music, WOW didnt know they were drifting in one of the origanal commercials
damn i hella remember the 240 commercial on the rollercoaster and both pathfinder and 300zx commercials.. nissan = commercial guru
I remember the s13 commercials but not the s14. Thanks. Nice finds guys.
the funny thing is that the Z today After 20 years still pulls girls like that
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