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? on wheels i ordered last april

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well the gramlights i ordered last april might finally come in the next 3 weeks :greddy:

it's been so long i forgot all the research i did on fitment. these are 57s's 17x7.5 +22, 17x8.5 +22 w/ 225/45/17, 235/45/17 yokohama es100's. i was thinking about going to 245/40/17 in the back. now my question is if this would require a slight fender pull or just a roll?

thanks guys, i'd figure this out myself but i'm too tired from waiting 9 months (i could of had a baby before these wheels fucking got here) :heyhey
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never mind. i think a roll is all i'll need
why did they take so long for you to get them
didn't buy through an authorized distributor. i also think that the 17x8.5 +22 was in the process of being discontinued. but i don't have them yet...fingers crossed
anytime you order wheels from the company, expect a long wait. sometimes it's worth the wait.
my buddy ordered GT-C's for his silvia, and i think the total wait was right at 7 months.
thats nuts longest i ever waited on a car parts was 2 weeks
and i doubt you ever had to order straight from japan.
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