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Origin Racing Line for S14, opinions...

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Just wondering what you guys thought. I like it and it's not quite as aggressive as the Uras GT kit.

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wow. thats how id have my kouki look like when i get one.
damn that zenki is sexy. i want that kit where can i find it?
im not a huge fan of the sideskirts
I love how it looks almost functional... but clearly would never actually do anything.
I don't think the 14 has been released yet, atleast it wasn't in their latest advertisement, but should be any day now. I agree with Box, the side skirts look...awkward, I think.
i think both ends looks pretty cool, but there's something about the sideskirt
Ugliest thing next to the old Erebuni kits...
Ugliest thing next to the old Erebuni kits...
Better or worse than the Uras GT kit?
URAS GT kit is Titi's. This looks like a hardcore knock off. It's like they molded 2 kit together. Looks horrible. IMO
Yeah, looks like the baseline kit is the Streamline and then added on to it.
That and I hate the fact that they tried to make it "Look" functional when it's just another kit. At least URAS uses Splitters and Diffusers.
I think its titties but thats just me haha
I think this kit looks like garbage...I like the behrman d1-gp front which I would mix maybe with the uras sides, and a top garage rear bumper with diffuser...however two of these are super expensive and the top garage stuff I haven't seen sold in ages...but man was it beautiful

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steam line is MUCH better looking than the racing line................
IMO I like the Zenki pic much more. It does look bulky and I personally wouldnt use it. If someone wants a show car then perhaps.
IMO this is old news.
TOOOO many angles imo. i dont like kits that say "look at me". front is ugly, sides are ugly, but the rear is meh. the kit just doesnt flow with the natural body lines at all.

then again, i am bias against kits for show.
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