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Overheating issue...need help big time!

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Here its goes. I have been driving my 96 240sx for about a month now. I have had a overheating issue primarily because the cooling fan on there was too small. Changed the fan to the correct size and eventually a few days later problems persist.

Next I change the radiator hose because the other hose sprung a leak. Later that week the issue is still prominent. I continue to drive the vehicle leaving the fan on and it stays at a medium temp and continues to do so. I continue driving for maybe a week or two and the other day my car gets really hot for no apparent reason. I look under the hood and the coolant is backing up in the reservoir tank and its boiling :gaah:!!! Then on the way back home the car begins to smoke and i pull over in the turning lane and open the hood and there is liquid everywhere and I see that it splashed under the car as well hitting the exhaust and that is why it was smoking. I check in the bay again around the radiator and the small hose on the bottom right side [if you are facing the car] has ruptured.

The car still turns on but it won't go into gear. I was wondering if that hose has anything to do with the trans?! If there is anyone out there that can help me with this I would love the feedback. Thanks!
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gahhh when a car keeps overheating do not drive it! your gonna warp your head! check the thermostat. idk what that hose that ruptured is.
I know not to drive a car when it's overheating but the thing is it wouldn't overheat until the AC was turned on. The needle would stay primarily in the middle of the H and C. I knew that some of the hoses were old so I replaced the ones that looked really old and ruptured but the other day it just got really really hot and it caused the smaller hose to burst and now the car won't go into gear....
Hey found that the issue was my transmission oil cooler line....I changed it and its running pretty smooth now and the needle is staying where its supposed to be. Few more replacements and I can finally relax....
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