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Parting out my life!!!!!

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Hey i have to get rid of all my shit ASAP... GOTO Pictures by shift_cory - Photobucket i have TONS OF PARTS if you see ANYTHING AT ALL that catches your interested email me at [email protected] and if u need something i dont have please ask i have soooo much shit.

just to list some stuff

5 speed drive shafts - 3 of them
3 clutch pedals
2 5 speed clutch pedals
2 good hatches
2 mint black dash boards
tons of stock interior and exterior
version select side skirts
fiberglass front fenders....

ill post some pics and prices in ehre when i have more time.
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Hybrid dynamics i think intercooler and some piping 200 OBO

no name intercooler and turbo xs bov with shitty piping $275 OBO

ka24de oem headgasket, 3 in mr. gasket downpipe gaskets, subframe bushings, sr20 manifold gaskets.... just make me an offer on these

dual electric fans $50


mk2 VW recaro's someone made some ghetto ass rails for them so they will need rails. they are clean as fuck tho. $500 OBO


whole shell or part out

blacktop swap. will come with different pulley and valve cover. $1500

clutch pedal $50

blacktop head. motor had bad rings. $150 OBO

hatch that need needs window replaced, there is a spot where u can feel little melted spots from using a grinder. its not that bad. i will include a new window. it is RUST FREE. $150 OBO

boost gauge, theres a short in the wire, it might have just been my wiring too because if i just moved the gauge around when i drove it would light up and shit.... i never actually mounnted it down so i just would wiggle it till it turned on lol... so maybe need diff wires on it i dunnnoo. $65

60mm gauge pods $20 + ship


FAKE nardi - $70

FAKE nardi - $70 + shipping

shift boot $15

version select sides $150

pre bent WELD IN S&W roll cage. 6 point. $250

blitz exhaust $150. i welded a whole shut on it but it sounds fine. few dents in it

2 steelies $20

spare tires $20

MINT ka24de hareness $80

under the tail light.... things. $25

s14 rear bumper with plate $20

msd - $100

hub caps $25 for 4

i have a couple 5 speed drive shafts and a couple x memebers. $120 for a d/s and $35 for x memeber

S14 speaker pods for the doors. $30

random parts, make offers

FULL UNCUT AND COMPLETE s14 interior harness. goes from engine bay to under the dash the the trunk

s13 wiper motors $20

If you see something you want or want to know if i have anything email me at [email protected] for the fastest response
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bump for some good items

and where are you located
what brand is the catch can? interested where are you located?

I am in need of all of the hardware that clamps the sunroof down (from the sunroof and on the ceiling in the hatch)- willing to buy sunroof too. Im also interested in that bent tubing for the cage, just want to know what size DOM tubing it is.
i hope your local to the tristate area, lots f parts i'm interested in.
Fake nardi ftw

hey how much for the cargo cover? shiped to 94565?
KA24DE EGR tubes?
Seeing the Hybrid Dynamics FMIC and piping; I'm gonna guess you live in South West PA, or atleast relatively close to PA.

How much for the pop-up lights?
Do you have a stock rear passenger side caliper?
Hey sorry guys i forgot i posted this lol.

im in NORTHERN ILLINOIS about an hour from chicago.

oil can sold sorry

as for everything else i have everything still!!!!!!!!!!!!

stock sway bars $25 each. s13 and 14 front and rears

repaired hatch. did have spoiler previous owner welded holes shut and painted it. looks perfect. no rust. $100
Front and rear bumper supports

s14 and z32 2+2 quarter windows. $50 each

s13 quarter windows $50 each

s13 windows $50 each

steering columns. s14, s13, and z32. some with keys

ka radiator with hoses to work on sr20. $40 for radiator $30 for fans $20 for hoses

Z32 2+2 rear bumper $40

S13 hatch rear bumper $30



$25 for s14 rear bumper

MINT black dash $100

clusters. make offers

headlight covers $15 each, the s13 door things$5 each. s14 gas tank door $20

gauge cluster sub harnesses $15 each

sohc s13 dohc and s14 dohc mafs


Sohc ecu's $35 each

s14 ecu's $45 each

5 speed parts. pm for what you need.

handles and others. pm me

random stuff

s14 subframe $60

s14 dif cover $25 dohc upper timing chain cover $25, sohc lower $25. dohc water necks$15.

z32 rear calipers

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very serious buyer here

hello im am interested in parts for a 91 240 hatch items include a maf, ecu, lower wiring harness, the red top sr and any 4 lug aftermarket rims that you may have thank. just pm me the prices back and let me know the best way possible to get them once i pay you thanks
How much for the S14 Dash/Body Harness? Shipped? 96816
email sent.
How about $35 for one of your good conditioned clutch pedals?
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