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parts car

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Hey guys, its rbdrifter, my car has been sitting for 5 years now and not a single buyer so ive decided to see if i can make more than what im selling it for by parting it out. Let me klnow what you want. If you tell me im retarded for doing this or any other rude comment well i got something to say to you. FUCK TOU!
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Mods please delete thread. Since no offer was said the car is now junked and donated to my friends shop to tear up.Sorry guys you had your chance.
LOL - an hour 5 minutes has to be the quickest fail sale of all time.

Steering wheel / head lights looked nice
Lol. Least someone got it. Need to chill. Forum doesn't exactly get a lot of traffic on a Tuesday night, much less in the S14 FS section, and over a 65 minutes span.
I didnt fail shit asswhle i was testing waters to see whats out there.
More like dipping your toe.
:hellno: the fucking weather man said it was gona be sunny out and the news station was giving out free tix to the rich area private pool then said sike.. and then moved on to dead puppies recovered from freeway overpass
when is this thread gunna be deleted, its driving me nuts. Everyones gunna use it as a chatroom.
When a mod notices it. Could hit REP on your own post and say "Please delete my thread"
wait where do you hit the rep button? I tried that on kato and cant seem to give him rep period
lol the button that says "rep" means report. its so you can report posts. You cant see the rep button because your not a mod or a premium member.

click "rep" on your original post. In the comment box write "please close thread".
*smacks head* i gotta stop drinking when i come on here.
I agree you realy should stop doing that.

99% of your posts/threads are confusing and make no sense. Not to mention most of them can be found by searching.
im sorry, but today was my girl and i's anniversary of dating 8 years. So i was celebrating it.
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