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Hey guys, its rbdrifter, my car has been sitting for 5 years now and not a single buyer so ive decided to see if i can make more than what im selling it for by parting it out. Let me klnow what you want. If you tell me im retarded for doing this or any other rude comment well i got something to say to you. FUCK TOU!
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Nismo racing seats and 4 point harnesses how much would you be willing to part them out..
u dont want those,lol. They are not the real thing. Im too cheap to get the real things. I want 500 for them because thats how much i got both of them for
hah same here. 500 is a bit steep for used but i'll chew on them a bit

I cant believe no one is interested in that car.... is it cause its an automatic?
uh duh. They arent used they are new just installed them a week ago. PPlE are shit heads when it comes to claiming their sticks are better than automatics.They know that there are atx drift cars out there that can woop their asses any day.
I bought them actually for 1k according to myreciept. I bought it from a show car s14
ahh i see.. we'll im interested in the seats and harness's IF my deal goes through, trying to rid myself of a 93 coupe SE manual... Im done with the whole drift Slut car.. i want something.. nicer :)
well how about this. Whats the mileage on your car and what motor, send pics, and you can have the whole car since i know where your location is it will be easy to come by and make deals.
aparently thats not a good deal ok, ill pull the seats out and drive to you and you pay me 500 then. Because this is what i mean when pple dont like automatics. I mean it gets better gas mileage than any civic right now.I took a trip to texas on nearly half a tank.

its got no A/C Unit.. i have got thoe parts in another box. the clutch fan is out so theres a small 10 incher pusher in there. i tore of a maxma dual electric one and wll put that in there when i get the A/C in... there's an alignment issue, and the Brake booster is out. it will stop but you need a lead foot

entire trunk is stripped. guy who had it before me spilled some sort of gasoline and it ate the carpet. so i decided to strip it down. gonna take a grinder to it this weekend and paint over it with some rustolium and maybe some of that truck bed hard tac cover. Battery relocated to the back. tail lights leak a little bit, but otherwise everything else is weather proof. has a sun roof, and power doors but manual seats.. this car was literally thrown together with different parts from multiple 240sx
i have a black dash the carpet is tan, the seats are blue and the rear seats are brown..... Milage is like 168,000 ish, and ts 93 SE coupe

I have two steelie and two alloy rims on there right now, but those meshies you see i have are 14 inchers and i have all four with brand new tires on them with a 30k warrenty. (where gonna be my DD rims) they need extended studs to intall properly tho. Ummmmm short shifter. oh i rewired the sidemarkers so they blink with the turn indicators and the hazards... I have a battery box and a mounting kit i made myself haven intalled yet tho. still looking for an ideal place to shove four 1/4 bolts through the trunk....

uhhhh thats about it
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nope sorry, not interested. Next offer please,unless you fix all those problems then the car is yours. If you dont have time thanks for offering me that but its donation time.

Attention 240sxforum: If anyone needs an extra car to repair their s14s with when its easy access instead of going to the junk yard or ordering parts online this would be great to have.
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