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Pics of Evilbender's Car/ Build if u wanna call it that

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I sold the car i am gettin a geo metro
Since some of you should know i have been gone for a while for training. and before i left i wrecked my car... ETC etc ETC etc.. bla bla..
anyways when i got back this is what i have done so far... all with pics (but will post later)...

RSR Exmag Exhaust...

Pulled The old Bent subrame (yes i ficked up my subframe)... and put a new one in

Tension Rods

Body work

Paint job

Brakes and rotors

New clutch

New wheels...

This is how it looks like right now.

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Nice bro, looks really good. You're car is super clean now, good job :) I def need a paint job on my car!
thanks man. i am satisfied. ill post the build pics later.. :)
Look nice man! , i dig that paint!

But , if i were you i would give your fender i slight pull.
looks good man but as slappy said, a slight pull will make a world of difference and maybe some negative camber as well
so fresh and so clean, clean! hey bro... are those sportmaxx's on ur car? what size and offset did u go with? I wanted to get me some but I'm an ignorant when it comes to wheels... (and many other things, ahem) but very clean 20 till 3...
thanks man.. yea theyre sportmax ver.2 16x8 with 0 offset.
they rub like hell.. i am in the prcess of rolling the fender.
hey, do you still have the SE wheels? I'm looking for some...
nah man i sold em
Operation Jumpstart : ok i am planning a sr swap. it will go underay very shortly.
no parts i sold em all
Damn this is gonna be one sweet ride! Subscribed!
Nice Ride..

Konig Rewinds?
^thanks man nah theyre sportmax 002.

Just got my KOYO rad and clutch.. will post pics later.

Talked to a very reputable machine shop for bottom end assembly and i am about to order forged internals soon.
Let me see the Exmag... That is my favorite exhaust of all time
Ohmaigawd, it's incognito!
I like it. The color is hot. The wheels are nice.
1 - 20 of 86 Posts
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