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plans are rolling on the supercharged ka

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That’s right I said it... supercharged. I've caught a lot of shit from the local 240 guys here for even thinking of doing it because they said its pointless, cost too much, and no real power gain. My answer was really that going turbo, supercharged, or nitrous just depends on what your goals are, and to help end the argument of turbo or supercharged (considering it’s hardly been done, so there is no real numbers out there). My goals are to get more out of the low end and give a little bit to the higher end. Cost is also a factor in this, I was first worried that the fact a lot of custom fab would have to be done, but kind of realized I can do most of this at home with the tools I have. Here is what I have planned so far.

Procharger c2- self lubed means no oil lines to tap and less heat going to the motor.

Thicker head gasket- help lower compression

Intercooler- obvious reasons

Larger injectors- not really sure yet, still researching

Fuel pump upgrade

Fuel pressure regulator

Ecu upgrade- still not sure which

Greddy radiator

Dual electric fans

Possible head work- low compression for safe boost.

Right now it looks like the cost will be around the same doing a turbo setup
I also expect a 40-60% HP and run at 7-9psi.

and now some photo...
Procharger C2

possible set ups...

if i do this one then i will do a v-mount with the intercooler and radiator

this might be a little harder to do sence the ka is pushed that far back, but then again the supercharger is no where near and big as that one.

I will keep you guys updated as it comes.
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is it going to be a drag 240? i think a super KA would kill at the track.
idealy it will be a drift, but ones i get a ruff idea of what numbers will be then that will help decided if i actually do it or not.. my car is an auto so i dont drop down a gear like manuals.
Hmm very cool. Good luck with this and keep us updated. I'm definitley looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
Nice work so far. It's nice to see someone try something new, theres not enough of that these days.
you just could be the pioneer for supercharged 240's. Who knows...maybe one day supercharged 240's will out number turbo 240's
adoboboy said:
you just could be the pioneer for supercharged 240's. Who knows...maybe one day supercharged 240's will out number turbo 240's
hah don't get ahead of yourself there now ;). There are already a few SCed SR20's running around Australia though that someone posted about.
yeah they mounted a positve displacment under the exhaust manifold and then had the runners wrap around the supercharger.
a supercharger would easly fit in the place of the AC compressor. i took mine out and theres loads of room down there now.
This is cool! Def need a install thread when this thing gets going!

this is my current set up. stock. intake.headers. but pulling that airbox frees us a whole lot of space, so that is one very possible option, but the SC is ruffly 8" in size. personaly i think it would be sick to have it mounted in the front and could probaly do it if I place the electric fans on the other side of the radiator. I doubt I will be a pioneer of doing the "super KA" There is bound to be someone with a real shop and more money to finish it. even though i do have my goal set at 6 months. Dont worry, there will be plenty of photos. Do I smell a DIY thread?
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I have heard of some other people doing it on other forms as well.( He is going to start selling kits for 1000-1500$. It is a full kit including injectors. I think someone should make a kit that takes the place of the A/C compressor. Think about it. Some new brackes to move it away from the exhaust and some heat wrap on the exhaust runners. You would already have a pulley to place the belt on. If some one makes a kit like that i am going to be one of the first to buy it.
well if it works I can probaly do the brackets made to order. "if" being the question
alot of people have plans but no one acts on them, I hope I see a working vid of it.
will do, i think i have most of it figured out. its now just a matter of funds.
six7seta said:
will do, i think i have most of it figured out. its now just a matter of funds.
lol I know how you feel.
I'm going to be doing a whipple on my KA in about a month or so (when i get the money)
rynelson85 said:
(when i get the money)
the magic statement
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