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Please help hesitation off the line

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I own a 1991 240 fastback and ive been haveing this problem for quite sometime now and im getting very frustrated/worried I dont wanna sell or junk my car i have put to much money into it. For some reason when i shift into first and give it gas the car instantly wants to like die out or stall out and then it steps up. So it like goes forward like and inch then hesitated and wants to die out then steps up and goes like it should. I tested the throttle position sensor and i adjusted it but no luck there. Can someone please help me with this problem im very desperate as i said don't wanna lose this car. If anyone can help at all it is greatly appreciated thanks so much.
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Does it do it under little acceleration, or no matter what rpm?
Um yeah like idk how to explain it it kinda studders a little bit when i try to slowly ease into it but you can tell its still kinda there. But usually i try to gun it to race and get off the line quick and that doesnt work it just wants to die out. Even if im just normal driving with a decent amount of acceleration it happens. When i try to inch and baby into it will like studder a little bit but not be as bad.
whats the older stuff electrical wise under your hood.. give it a minor tune up.. clean/replace filters.. change wires and plugs.. and what i think it may be seafoam your car.. clean those injectors. i know im fint to do so
yeah do a tune up for sure cheap way to a possible easy fix .. check and make sure they is no vaccum leaks also. and have tried using a higher octane?
Yeah i used to always fill up on ultra 93. But ive done everything except sea foam. This seems to be a common problem. Now heres something intresting when i baught the car the guy gave me 2 extra injectors and they were different brands but also i can see 2 of the injectors shells are cracked. Not the tips just the red shells. and my fuel rail also is not bolted on. But i honestly dont think my injectors could cause this hesitation problem but who knows at this point. Also on my intake i have stock intake and the plastic piece that kinda looks like a slinky almost, and that is closest to the throttle has a crack in it. Sorry dont know too many terms (hence slinky usage). Any information at all or experience or anyone that lives in new jersey that could help me is greatly appreciated.
my fuel rail also is not bolted on.
What? Have you ever changed the fuel pump or checked fuel pressure?
how would i go about checking the fuel pressure? I noticed that its usually when i rev to 3000 rpms or higher thats when it really dies out.
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