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I’m listing things on Ebay starting at $1.00 with no reserve. I will be listing more as I pull parts off the Z and as I clean the garage, you may see something you want.

I’m calling this “blow-out” of parts an “F- THE ECONOMY SALE!” BECAUSE everything is starting off at pocket change type prices….

My Ebay.
eBay Seller: pallnet: Parts Accessories items on eBay Motors

Pics of the stuff I just listed.

Am I listing this stuff cheap because I’m hurting for cash? I'm listing this stuff so cheap because plenty of people out there need a break and I don’t need the parts. You don’t see what you want at this point in time well you better save the link to my auctions because there is a large amount of stuff in my garage that I don’t need and there’s still a whole 1976 turbo Z car sitting in my driveway that’s about to be parted hard!

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