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plllowball mounts

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are you able to use pillowball mounts with spring and strut set ups?

ive only ever seen pictures of them on coilovers?

i tried searching but didnt have any luck, thanks!
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You can, but the shocks have to fit. I had a set of cusco pillowball mounts I wanted to use with a set of KYB shocks. Didnt fit. Sod them to a guy with whiteline shocks and they did fit.
Something to do with the top thread not being long enough
oh, alright... thanks for clearing that up... unfortunatly, i have KYB's :(
Tein's Are the Only one's that fit on the Stock type Spring system due to it's extended Height.
The Tein's Move the strut up only 16mm from OEM location where most Camber Plates move them 30mm+
Although it can be used your adj is still limited till the Top Spring Hat/Perch starts to rub on the Strut Towers.
^If your still running Strut/Spring Combo I would rather slot the Top Spindle/Mount Hole.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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