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possible timing issue

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hi i am new to posting on this forum i have been reading up on some things on here tho. i am working on a ka24e motor that's bord 20 over and am trying to get it timed from what i have read when im at tdc on the crank my cam should be at the 12 o clock position to the head currently at tdc my cam key sits at 10 o clock to the the head or 11 straight up and down dont know if this is right or if it will cause any problems any help would be appreciated right know i have it timed to were it will start but runs like shit.
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If your cam is at 10-11 o'clock, the cam is retarded 1 or more teeth. You need to advance your cam 1-2 teeth to get it to the correct position. How does your ignition timing look?
timing issue

well i picked up my 240 from a friend the motor that is in it has barly been ran i got it all set up the other night and tryed to time it yesterday my ignition timing looks good at tdc the dist is at 1 or slightly before the cam just seems to be off it dose run the way it is set know just real stumbly and rpms are jumping up and down. i awsome to set the cam timing i must remove the chain? dose it need to sit at 12 o clock to the head or straight up and down sence the head is at an angle?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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