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Post Your Cameras

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Both Digital & Film Camera's(Analog?)

I have 2

Samsung Digi Max 301


Fuji Film E500

Camera I would Want:

Fuji Film E900
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I have

Sony DSC-V3
7.2 MP
2.5in LCD screen
Sony memory stick or Compact flash

I want (only one, not all 4)
Canon EOS 20D
Nikon D70s
Canon Digital Rebel XT Digital Camera
Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D
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Nice digi-cm young :D

sr I admire your beautifu photo work w/ semi-pro (?) camera's :D
i've got a Fuji e500 (shocking i know) and a Contax 139 SLR... i haven't messed with the contax in a few years though. 35mm is a hassle

oh, and i'm saving up for a Nikon d70 :d
How do you like the e500?

what do you think of the quality of the photos?
sony dsc-v1

i want a digital slr eventually (maybe if i didn't just buy an apexi pfc lol)
Does SLR give better quality or more adjustability?
240-kid said:
Does SLR give better quality or more adjustability?
oh yes..

SLR- :1bowdown
:p lol
an SLR is just a camera body you can attach various lenses to. here's my Contax collection...

my lenses and filters

the camera itself, zoom lens (42-75mm) attached

as for the fuji... it's a decent all-around camera, but it's definitely got a couple shortcomings. first of all, the autofocus is crap. it doesn't really seem to lock onto anything, and you wind up with nothing but soft-edged shots no matter what you're shooting. second, manual focus, while existant, is practically useless because you can't look through the viewfinder to focus- you have to watch the tiny 2" screen, and it's not like you can see minute differences in focus on that little thing.

the one thing i really like about the fuji is its macro mode. it works like a charm, and you can actually effectively use the focus in it. the detail is amazing.

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Wow good quality

and BIG PICTURES :p lol
This is a camera where the photographer sees exactly the same image that is exposed to the film and can adjust everything by turning dials and clicking buttons. Since it doesn't need any electricity to take a picture, a manual SLR camera provides an excellent illustration of the fundamental processes of photography.
Ah I see cause I was like well how do you know the effects if you can only look through that aimer/hole/riticle or whatever :D
240-kid said:
Ah I see cause I was like well how do you know the effects if you can only look through that aimer/hole/riticle or whatever :D
Viewfinder.... idiot.. jp
sr240dett3 said:
Viewfinder.... idiot.. jp
no dude it's called the aimer hole :D


VeiwFinder :D
dead thread revival: just upgraded. sale pending on the e500, and i bought another Fuji: an S5100. i have yet to even find something other than coworkers' asses to take pictures of (had it delivered to me while at work), but this thing is the shit. came with a telephoto lens, a macro adapter, a wide angle lens, and a handful of filters for maximum awesomeness. i'll post pics whenever i find something worth shooting.
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