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Post Your Pictures

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I think it'd be nice to see the work of post up your pics!

I'm a bit of a picture whore, so i'll start

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Nice shots. What kind of camera are you using. I have a bunch from my SLR, but it's a 35M and I don't have a scanner. I might have some though gotta look.
i shoot with a sony dsc v1. 5mp, i also have a telephoto and wideangle lens
Damn dude totally insane :D

Best photography I have yet to see :D
DLSracing said:
Not bad. I need to get a digi SLR...
same here but thats just more money. cars... photography... school... so much money :tears
wow Carl, you pictures are insane man..

i have the DSC V3, 7.2mp
But i still need to learn more.. no where near that level..

Objectively this was a very interesting pic.

This pic would of been more interesting if it had more tones and colors. but in terms of shapes and negitive space ect. this was spot on

Not objectively but subjectively this was my favorite
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i love that First one Dude posted :D

It's so

IDK I just love it and the quality :D
That pic has alot going on in it.

Many many focal points: colors shapes ect
lots of rythm - nicely spaced

^ enough to keep the eye moving back and forth throughout the pic

Things that would of made it more interesting:
More organic shapes
It feels a bit closed
The depth is slightly overwhelming, it restricts eye movement a bit

great pic though
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I really like that wet/moist wall that reflected the colors :D

that made me just...................
plz dont say 'tent your pants' plz lol
No I ment to say made me like it :p lol but I couldnt get the word at that moment :p lol
lmao - nice
when i get back from class i'll show another shot of that first pic taken on different settings - it really shows why shutter speed is so key to taking night photographs
^ hah, I feel like large streams of light are coming up
I love the stream of lights w/ a still back round :D

I always thought they were done in PS :p
not really large streams of light (nothing moving) but this is at a much slower shutter speed.

vs. this one

small difference in settings can lead to very different pictures
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1 - 20 of 415 Posts
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