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power steering question

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my power steering seems weird. i had a civic hb before with no power steering and i have an accord with power steering now, but the power steering on my 240 seems like in the middle of those as far as feel goes. does anyone have any suggestions or comments? should i change the power steering fluid?
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its atf iirc, and not power steering fluid for our cars..
what is atf iirc:questionmark:
automatic transmission fluid.......iirc is if i remember correctly
describe what you mean by "weird." Maybe we can help you out more, if you clarify just a little. By the way, it probably feels "weird" because a FWD feels way different than a RWD car.
well what i meant is i didnt think it would feel like i had to put in as much effort into turning the wheel to make the car turn. i remeber turning the wheel like a quarter turn to only turn through a small turn(not a 90 degree turn) but mayb your right and im not just use to driving a rw drive car.
I think you are just thinking about it too much. A stock 240 is going to feel pretty soft.
The ratios for steering racks are going to be different between the cars.
my cars not stock but mayb i am thinking about it too much.
I always thought you just added more steering fluid as it slowly leaks out over the years.

My 240's power steering is a lot easier to use for parking than my Acura TL.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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