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Problem with lights?

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Im looking into buying this 240sx with the ka motor but i dont wana invest in a car with problems i cant personally fix. The guys telling me that the lights stay popped up and wont go down, Anyone know what might cause this and if its a simple fix?
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first off how is that a problem...
headlight switch relay motors the up/down switch someone did the ghetto sleepy eye mod and cut the brown wire...
need more info
Sorry on the poor description, but the car basically has one light partially open and the other one fully open
hmm could be a weak motor
when i say motor i mean the electric motors that lift the headlights up and down.
but yes either way this doesnt seem to be a huge deal anyways.
i mean worse thing is that you will have to manually crank the lights up till you find the problem
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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