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Problems starting

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I seem to keep having a problem with the car starting once it has been driven for more than 30 minutes.
It drives ok when running but if you turn it off and go into a store and come out in 20 minutes, it hesitates to start like its getting either no fire or fuel. I have checked all the relay's replace the fuel pump filter and check for spark. all seems ok. some times it wil take 2 times sometimes 10 minutes to get it started. any suggestions.
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could be like the car im buying tmr.. needs new distributor (but also plug wires and spark plugs, i'd change the plugs and wires first though).. after the test drive went into Triple A to get paperwork a good 25mins.. went to start the car (but im a really light key turner) doesn't start but the juice is there. turned it harder it starts up perfect
ok thanks i will try that
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