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Problems with my rb20 please help

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Thank you for looking
My name is Tony and I have been having so many problem with my rb20det.
I have fixed most of the problems but now I am stuck.
Me and my tuner have no idea what is wrong and I don't want to buy anything I don't have to.

Ok now for the problem
I brought it in to go tune with nistune because my car been having issues starting up, running rich, and running problems.
It take me about 20 seconds to just crank it and when it does idle it feels like 4 cylinder instead of 6
We done compression test and across th board is 155-160. All the signs say it should be running fine but it is not please help me. Really need my car. Been in the shop for 3 months.
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Could be some type of fuel system problem
I just got word that it he street tuned it and it runs better but he also said it could be my injectors. Because my car was running rich for a long time and it could have news it up.
Thx for replying
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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