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Question on replaceing hatch on my S13

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Hey all im switching hatch's off my 91 and putting on the spoilerless hatch and i was wondering how do you do it i see all the wireing and all and i was wondering if anyone knew a easy way or could tell me how its done b/c hopefully sunday i will be doing this project so if someone could help me out that would be great
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i just recently replaced mine... not to hard. It helps to have two people though.
If you dont know where the bolts are that hold the hatch to the car, they can be found under the piece of trim that goes on the very back of the headliner. I thing there are only four of them. Just make sure your assistant is holding the hatch well otherwise is will fall. As far as the wireing goes, i could not fine a good way to transfer the hatch without cutting the wires and soldering them back togather. If you do cut them, make sure that you leave as much wire to work with as possible. you have to remember that it is a really tight area that you will need to work in. If you need any more help than that, just let me know.
Thanks for the help man i appericate it i was going to change it tomorrow but its suppose to rain all day and due to not haveing a garage to put it i cant do it tomorrow "Bummer"
the wires are clipped behind the passenger area, then on the left side is the defrosters and they are the ones you gotta solder, try to leave enough slack that you can do it on the inside area. also be careful undoing the hatch shocks support the hatch with a piece of wood when undoing those
I'll have both of my younger brothers helping so they can hold the hatch but i apperciate the help the more the marrier
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