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Questions about the ASC power sunroof for S13 hatchbacks

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Hey everyone. I wanted to know if anyone has any info or knowledge about this!

So this is pretty cool to me. I have a 1989 240SX SE hatchback. Apparently, it’s #2 of 89 total 240s that were made with a factory-style power sunroof by ASC - at least, that’s what the previous owner told me. It all checks out from what I can tell. Look at these pictures.

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive exterior Wood Bumper

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Automotive tire Hood Car Automotive design Bumper

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Cloud Plant

Cloud Sky Motor vehicle Automotive design Wood

I tried looking up more info about ASC and their work with 240s, but I can only find info about the convertibles they worked on. I don’t see anything about the hatchbacks with power sunroofs.

If anyone at all has ever seen or worked with these sunroofs, I have 2 questions:

1. Can the weatherstrip be fabricated at all? Does a universal weatherstrip work with it? Because the OEM manual sunroof weatherstrip does NOT fit the ASC power sunroof. They are different sizes.

2. I am missing the ASC button to control the sunroof. It’s supposed to go in between the sun visors (the little square hole next to a tiny circle hole in the picture I uploaded). Does anyone know where to find an original ASC button? If not, it’s not a big deal. My main concern is the weatherstrip because it currently leaks. In the meantime, there is hardened liquid gasket sealing the sunroof from the exterior.

Any other information would be greatly appreciated. Lmk what you all think 👍
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