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radiator keeps cracking

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I don't know whats going on. I have a ka24e, I had a crack in the top of my radiator near the outlet.

I decided plastic weld till I bought a new one, It worked for a day or two, then it blew through.

So got some JB weld. Did that on top, then a cracked on the front of the top towards the front of the car. Patched that up and it just keeps blowing through...

I just lost my job so buying a new one is outta the questions rght now. Any help is much appreciated.
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Just do it up old school. Go to the junk yard and find a good rad out of something else, doesn't really matter what, as long as it fits. From there just connect the inlet and outlet to the stock hoses (you may need a metal extension pipe depending on the radiator you choose) and your set.
JB is good stuff, but it's a very temporary solution. I would either bite the bullet and get a new rad, or hit the junk yard.
I'm located in northern Indiana. It seems like it gets to much pressure inside if the top part. Which is causing it to blow out the jb weld. And I put a very hearty patch of it on there.
I had the same problem except it shot all of my coolant out without me knowing (faulty temp gauge) and warped my head so well you definitely need a new one, too bad you're not closer I have a radiator for a 90 I could give you, but I agree with ka24e go to a junk yard and find something and fixed sorry i couldn't be of more help
MrDaytona where are you located?
i know u just lost your job but the only logical answer would be to buy a new radiator so you dont end up overheating your engine causing larger problems. you could go with ka24e's idea though and find a similar radiator at a salvage yard if your extremely tight on cash.
Does anyone know a comparible(so) radiator? I heard a Volvo
Turbowagon is.
Does anyone know a comparible(so) radiator? I heard a Volvo
Turbowagon is.
Well i just read your post over again... I does shoot my coolant out but each time I patched It, I added new coolant. If my thermo is bad would it cause the heat and build up in pressure. I don't know how hot the engine Is getting because my cluster doesnt work right either.
yeah the thermostat is bad that could cause it, I know you really don't want to hear this but you're going to need to get your cluster fixed( a used one would probably be cheaper) check ebay or buy a temp need to keep an eye on it because it will ruin your engine. It costs a lot less to fix it now than fix it after your engine is damaged
Whats the difficulty of changing the top tanks, plastic part, of radiators? Picked up one with good tank but lots of the fins are beat up. The one in the car, the fins are near perfect, just the top Is bad. I'm in talks about getting a cluster right now. And thermostat too...
Honestly I don't know how hard it would be, I've never done it and never even thought of it my car is at a friends so i can't take a peek at it. Look at your radiator and see if it's possible
So took the top off the "old" radiator. It's quite easy. Debating whether or not to put some sort of sealing agent on where the tabs meet the tank.
If you can, do a write up on this if it all goes good. I have several radiators with cracked top tanks and It would be awesome to just swap tanks and have backups
Will do, gonna give It about a week to see any effects... thanks.
Everything is back together. One good thing about exchanging tops, I applied some jb weld on the inside to help. A write up will be done in about a week.

Does anyone know the difference between have the stock fan shroud on or off?
With the shroud on, the fan will pull air from the entire surface of the radiator. With the fan shroud removed, the fan will just pull air through the center of the radiator (in front of the fan) and will not efficiently move air past other areas.
Well what I did for the moment, I turned the fan around so It blows Into the radiator. Just doing it till I get a coolant flush, and have my ac belt put on.
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