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rb20det stupid question!

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ok, heres my situation.. 95 240sx with an rb20 swap basically completed.. one question tho. when i got my motor set the iac valve had the wires snatched out of the connector. im just tryin to find out which way they go. its a green wire and a black wire both with some color stripe i dont recall right now but those are the primary wire colors. theyre in the connector vertically so i just need to know which is supposed to be on top and which on bottom.
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C'mon guys! Somebody take a glance under there hood for me! I think I have it already but just not sure... Also I just read the post about walboro 255's requiring adjustable fpr's so that may be my idling prob,just gotta wait for it to get here.
I don't have the 20, so I cannot help on that, sorry. I will say, however, that the FSM should be able to tell you if you know (or learn) how to read their wiring and connector diagrams.
yeah i wish i need to find a fsm or maybe find it online.. i've had to go by the wiring diagrams i find online that for some reason dont specify wire colors. or how theyre arranged in the connectors for that matter. im thinking i have it correct tho, my idling problem is probly being caused by the walboro 255 running with a stock fpr with some 315cc mk3 injectors. the car runs great besides being a but rich, it just wont idle for crap unless i lean it out at idle with my safc.
woohoo! fpr showed up today! got my fingers crossed that it helps my idling problem.
well the fpr improved drivability overall a bit but did nothing for my idling problem. anyone know of a source in the states to get parts like an iacv for the rb20?
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