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rb25det swap

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hey guys i am just doing my rb25det swap in my 1990 nissan 240sx hatch. the question that i was going to ask is, can i run that engine without a front mount intercooler? Or does it need a front mount?

Thanks alot for the help!
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front mount will provide way more cooling, but you COULD run it without a front mount
Well, it kinda needs an inter-cooler as a turbo motor... And the best place to put it is in the front... So I'd put that into the NEED category of parts.
^^^^What he said, also you would be fine if you have the stock side mount. Either way, you probably want to run an intercooler. Is it a matter of not having the money for the intercooler or do you not want it showing? There are other mounting options, if you want to keep the intercooler hidden.
no it is the matter of not having enough money. i mean the engine wont run very lon gtill i buy a front mount. it was just the question of whether i could run it with the stock intake. and i dont have a side mount either. i just the the rb25det engine.
In that case, no. You NEED an intercooler. Period.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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