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Rb25det valve clearances

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Anyone have any luck finding valve clearance specs?

In particular for an RB25DET NEO.

I have found .45mm intake (cold)
.38mm exhaust (cold)

doesnt seem right. thats like 12 and 18 thousandths if I remember correctly.
..maybe a misprint in the FSM or something?

That seems as loose as porn star vag.

I need help bad! my head is waiting at the shop to be adjusted but he doesnt think that seems right.
shouldnt it be more like 10thousandths and 12 thousandths like evo 10's and other cars with solid lifters.

Thanks !

Also if anyone needs extra S1 - S2 ecu connectors, you can pick them up at a junkyard out of mid 90's maximas. the plug is not the same as a blue KA plug ( like i previously thought). I just picked a few up, so if anyone needs one in the future for adapter harnesses etc hopefully that helps!
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From what I'm reading you need to use the RB26 (Solid Lifter) clearances. Your probably looking at the clearances for the Hydro RB25's.
sweet, but the machine shop guy still thinks that it could be a little on the loose side
cold- Intake.45mm (18thous)
exhaust .38mm (15thous)
^what the GTR calls for...

I hope someone on here can educate me on this!

But my main concern is getting the defenite factual specs rather than crossing my fingers.
And he needs the specs by tomorrow since hes going out of town.

Thanks for looking into it!
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