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Rebuild questions

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I got a de block that I just assembled and I'm about to put a head on it I have 1. 216 cam 2. 248's cams and 2. 240's cams I was wondering what cam set up to go with? I wanted 248 232 but have no 232.. Should I try 248/216? 240/240? 248/248? or 248/240? any hekp would be appreciated...
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Why do you have a 216?

Just do a 240/248, don't make it so complicated.
It came out my frontier i pulled the 232 and 216 after I wrecked it and gave the 232 to my friend. I really like the idea of the 240/240 just not sure where I'm suppose to set the timing thought about doin the 248/240
Put it this way. 240/248 is a complete drop it. 248/240 both require re-timing/drilling. 240/240 would have less power then the 240/248 so I'd eliminate that. The 248/240 may make more power providing you got the timing right.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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