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recently rebuilt ka 12k on rebuild

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im selling my 1990 ka24e sohc motor and tranny harness ecu all in awesome condition no issues not fluids being burnt great gas mileage cold air intake custom lightweight Piping i want 400 for everything the motor has 149k and rebuilt 12k ago before i got the motor the guy said he wanted to turbo the motor but got bored of s13s :( any ways if your interested lemme know
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If i had the money id be so interested ):
i have used royal Purple tranny fluid/oil for most the time ive had the motor and boy does she Pull i did a 1 mile race vs a rx8 and won by a bumper but still i was haPPy
Stop teasing me
get some cash buy my motor :D:D:D i wanna sr or rb so hurry buy my motor so i can get to the drift event dont wanna drift on this motor she runs to dam good i baby the shit out of her lol
Bum for my thread buy my motor!
u baby her, but u did a 1 mile race with a rx8?
i have to let her loose at least once
whats shipping on that to 29420? If it isnt half bad Ill take it.
ill find out i might be selling the hole car so ill let ya know
Hey im very interested but would need it shipped to TN 37659. Let me know how much that would make it if you could. Assuming its still for sale of course.
I may be interested, how was it rebuilt, cometic HG, etc etc etc
or was it simply an eBay back to stock kit?
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