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recirculation valve disconnect?

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ive had my sr20 for a couple years now and its pretty much stock... recently a friend started bugging me to disconnect the recirc valve so you could hear the blow off.

any reason why i shouldnt or how i should do it?
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anyone? :feedback:
dont be a ricer. the recirculation fitting helps your turbo spool up faster by dumping the air that would be vented into the atmosphere back in. helping it spool quicker. idk about 240's but on my car unless you relocate the maf to a point after the bov and you just have it vented the car will stall. the reason for this is because the car is expecting a certain amount of air so when you shift and it vents theres a loss in pressure and the ecu doesnt know what happened. if you want to vta move the maf about 6 inches behind the bov. what kind do u have?
OP = you

actually, the stock SR20det recirc valve has a bleed hole in the diaphragm to help reduce boost spiking. It also has a very soft spring. If you tried to use it as an atmo BOV you would have a boost leak.
boost leak = bad

sr's have a blowoff valve the difference is in stock form it is recirculated back to the intake most aftermarket bov's people buy they dont recirc thus releasing the air into the atmosphere and causeing it to momentarily run rich after shifts
momentarily running rich = bad

your car would have a bad idle when coming to a stop and try to stall. Your car also might not run right. I have mine vented to atmosphere and a safc compensating.
alrighty, thanks for the help
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