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Running RB25DET Long Block will include ECU

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I am getting rid of my RB25DET Long Block. Is known to be 100% and good. I am getting rid of because I am purchasing a built bottom end. I can include the head if the price is right, but I am really only looking to get rid of the bottom end. $950 + Shipping. I also have another bottom end and another RB25DET transmission if the purchasing party is interested.

I will also have pictures and video by this evening of it running. Here is an of it for now. Also, I will be removing it once it is purchased. I do not drive the car daily, and it is only driven so often. Never had any issues or anything at all. Great for an RB swap or just as a back up for a drifter. I can also throw in alot of stock extras.

Video of it running and idle. Sorry about sound quality. Shot with HD Flip camera.

I will also include the clutch and flywheel and all the stock extras I have.

[email protected] <------EMAIL ME. I WILL RESPOND QUICKER!
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u wanna sell just that harness and is it a series 2
I'm interested in the engine, tranny and head if you're willing to sell everything together and ship it to Ny. if nothing else what are you sellin the tranny for?
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