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Running Really Hot

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i have a 95" ka in my s13 coupe. Now recently ive notice that soon as i start the car the rpm idle's around 2k nd stays. Then the radiator gets pretty hot for the little time it has been running and the motor as well. Im not sure if my radiator is starting to go out or the water temp sensor is not good, which i have recently changed out about 4 mnths ago. any suggestions?:scratch:
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have you checked your coolant level and thermostat? though the cts can cause crazy idle but check your levels first
Yes i checked it. All fluid levels are good, idk wat it can be
Tstat could be it.

When you say it's hot, is that to touch or is your gauge going into the upper levels?
What does the gauge read?

Air bubbles? Stuck thermostat? Leak?
the gauges are all at normal. I left the car runnin for a while to see if it the guage reaches HOT. but nope, its all at normal.
And yea, it gets pretty hot to touch. also with the rpm's staying up. i checked the throttle cable and even disconect the adjustment, and it still idle pretty high.
Then how do you know it's running hot? It's hot to the touch? lol
It's a combustion engine. If you're parked, there's no airflow. The components will be hot to the touch. The coolant is keeping your car cool inside that engine, hence why the gauge reads normal. Coolant is still (for me) around 180 on a warm day, WITH airflow. It's gonna be hot man...idle probably isn't related.
If his temperature gauge in his car is say it's normal, I'm curious how he's determining that his engine is more 'hot' then normal lol. I doubt he has an additional temp gauge in C or F.

You can try adjusting the idle as well, if you know how. How long is the car on for while it's maintaining a 2000+ RPM? Every car has a warm up cycle.
No, the radiator would be pretty hot than normal. If you feel it b4 it starts its cool, regular temp, and then start the car...the car will run for about a good 1 min at most and you go feel the radiator. The radiator gets extremely hot. Now thats far from normal...ive study the car for a min and thats not nuttin that has happen b4, and reason why i check the throttle cable was because the idle sits high than normal, and that wasnt a warm up idle.
Ok, so from what I could understand from that...

It starts and always idles at 2k, and it sounds like the tstat's just stuck open. Not really detrimental.
alright thanx for the help thou guys, ill see wassup with it.
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