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S/R on Sportlines

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Quick question:

After !!!searching!!! many forums, looking on ebay and google, and going to the eibach website I couldn't find out the sportline's spring rate (for an s14). Does anyone know off the top of their head. I'm probably gonna slap them on some GR-2's or AGX.

Thanks for the help.

Edit - sorry if you guy's saw SR and thought this was an enginey discussion
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its like 4/3, there is a thread on zilvia about it.
4/3? normally spring rates are in pound/inches or kg/mm or whatnot
4.1k front, 3.6k rear.

for reference, stock s14 is 2k f 2k r
Ah thanks... Yeah I spaced and didnt realize the metricness (I guess I'm used to seeing decimals in there and the 4/3 looked like a crazy fraction hehe)
aren't the sportlines progressive? If so, then they should have a range for the spring rates..
edit: I found this on zilvia
Eibach Sportlines
* * *Front: *137-230 lb/in | 2.2"
* * *Rear: * 128-200 lb/in | 2.1"
edit2: seems like those are listed for S13 sportlines.. but I doubt the S14 ones are that much different, if at all..
yeah they are progressive.

I just listed the stiffer end of the range. The s14 springs are probably a tad bit more stiff due to increased weight.

And from personal experience Sportlines and AGX's (on half stiffness) are very streetable, handle great, and are pretty comfortable too :D

I would definately reccomend that combo, or RSR springs if you want a little stiffer.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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