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S13 and S14 parts f/s- or t

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S13 parts:

• Sandstone beige hood, good condition.
• Sandstone beige front bumper, good cond, could use a waxing.
• Sandstone beige rear peice under coupe tail lights. Ok condition.
• Left and right headlight brackets/housings, with motors and covers. Sandstone beige.

• 3 se wheels, painted flat black, with tires, minor tread left.

S14 parts:

• fuel rail
• stock exhaust

• Complete s14 block: Was in car fire, the front end of the car.. I.E. the engine bay caught on fire
and charred the engine. Anything that was plastic was fried. Although the block should still be good, and
possibly the head. If bought, you should bring it to a machine shop and have it checked. I dont know how hot
the fire got so its hard to say if it was hot enough to warp any aluminum peices. There isnt anything
visible as far as that goes, although having it checked would be a good idea.
Good for someone who wants to build an engine/block.

I may have more parts put up here later.

If interested in any parts, let me know and i will post pictures or send emails with them.
Throw me offers for any interested parts.

I am looking for parts if anyone is willing to trade:

• 2in - 2 1/4in, and 2 1/2in mandrel steel bends.
• Top feed fuel rail for KADE that will fit DSM style injectors.
• 60mm guage holder/pod.(no a pillar)

or if you have any parts that arent listed that you want to trade.. let me know.

Email: [email protected]
Aim: Gtsk14

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