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S13 carpet kit...or repair?

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i got the brown interior and the factory carpet is in good shape structurally, but its hella faded and has a grip of stains. i wanna change it to black.

has anyone bought a carpet kit like the ones on ebay? is it legit?

or i could dye, or apparently theres a paint of some sort, over the stains and just keep my carpet. if youve done this can you post pics. i wanna see how it looks.

muchos grassy ass
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the dye stuff comes out fine paint makes it clumpy... i myself have the doodoo brown int. i got a sohc(feels better) black carpet for 5 bucks. condition wise was 8 1/2-10. if my old carpet was decient i would dye it. but old one had 6 holes in it(smalest being 4 inch's biggest was about a 1foot square... paint is easyer and cheaper but can clump the fibers together... dye gets a even look and doesnt clump the carpet up
so i tried that duplicolor vinyl/fabric shit. took a whole can to do 1 rear floormat. ONE. wtf. its black. thats for sure. but it feels like pubic hair now.

def. not what im tryin to accomplish. carpet kit ftw.
Nissan 240SX Passenger Area (HICAS model) Carpet Kit Replacement 1991-1994
There were a few other options, but this was the cheapest I found on Google shopping. I also think a bare floor is pretty cool, when it's cleaned and then painted black or lined with truck bed liner.
I got excited cause the had floor mats, i tried to search for 180sx ones to see if they were like the oem ones in japan, fail ):
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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