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S13 dies when throttle is touched

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Hey, new member who joined with a few questions. My stock 92 was put together pretty poorly by the PO before I bought it. It supposedly has a rebuilt KA and it was manual swapped. I've been working on it for a while and narrowing the problem down: It takes a few cranks to start the car, and it sort of sputters to life. It'll idle with a intermittent misfire, but the second I touch the throttle it dies. If I let it idle for enough time to warm up a little bit it usually won't start back up.

Here's what I've done so far:
-Set timing. The "rebuilder" didn't do it right so I had to go in and reset the chains. I'm 90% sure that's not the issue.
-Replaced TPS. I put a manual one on, the one I replaced was for an A/T, the A/T connector is not connected to anything. I haven't calibrated it yet so that's a possible issue.
-Replaced plugs, most of the maintenance items are pretty fresh so I haven't given it a full tune up.
-Deleting emissions. Nearly ALL of the vacuum lines are cracked, so I'm calling it quits on emissions. I'm about to pull the intake off to get to the PCV hoses and anything else.

Ideas on the main issue? I suspect a vacuum leak, or tps calibration. I'm teaching myself how to do the tps, and check the IACV, I'm very new to these cars so any advice would help.
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Forgot to add: I put fresh 91 in it and it had probably 1/8 tank of really old fuel. When I pulled an injector the fuel smelled super weird, almost like kerosene or something. I'm gonna replace the fuel filter real soon too. There is apparently a new fuel pump in it.
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