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s13 engine help!!!

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so my cylinder head is warped past repair, my pistons heated so much that they transfered metal onto my cylinder walls, what do you 240 tecs think i should do buy a new engine? or buy a engine rebuild kit for like 1100 with Complete Gasket Set, Copper Head Gasket (to 30 psi), WISECO Pistons (89.5, 90, 90.5 & 9-1 comp)(89.5, 90, 90.5 & 10.5-1 comp)(89.5 & 8.5-1 comp)ROSS/Wiseco Stock Bore 89mm, ROSS Performance Rings, Performance Wrist Pins, TOGA HP Main Bearings, TOGA HP Rod Bearings, Thrust Washers,Expansion Plugs and a new cylinder head for like 495?
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You'll still need to send the block out for work. Cheapest just to get a used KA.
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