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s13 ignition wiring

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hello, everything i have searched for in this context comes up with results for s14, havnt found a single s13 ignition wiring diagram for dummys.
im trying to get my Blitz FATT in and was thinking about making my own harness with the plugs off another s13.
i simply need to no what colors mean what coming off the ignition switch, in the steering column..

from the ignition switch to where is plugs into the dash wiring (under steering column) wire colors are:
1. Black/White
2. Blue
3. White/Red
4. Black/Green
5. Black/Yellow

Plug from interior harness
6. black/red
7. blue
8. white
9. black/yellow
10. black/white

From the Blitz FATT
11. Red -
12. Green -
13. Blue -

any help, diagrams or descriptions would be a huge help
thanks guys
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Igntion Switch:

+12v constant = white
Ignition Power, Ignition = black/red
starter wire (+12v) = black/white
ignition 2 (+12v) = black/yellow
accessory (+12v) = white/blue or blue


Red - 12V
Green - Igntion 12V
Blue - ACC 12V
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