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s13 runs rich and lags. No 02 volts

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I have an s13 with redtop motor. It runs pretty well. Stock boost 7psi, stock side mount and greddy bov. It idles fine at 800rpm, doesnt stall, but it feels like it lags in the lower rpms and past 4500rpm. i plan on turning up the boost but i need to get a wideband first. I wired up my OBD1 harness to the ecu and pulled the data. I noticed i have no 02 sensor voltage? maybe i wired it wrong. MAF volts at 1.7v. TPS .35 at idle and 4volts at ***. STFT at 100% and LTFT at 128% I have a fpr set at 43.5 psi with vacuum line disconnected. Also anyone know what the stock turbo A/R is? Mine says .80 A/R on it.
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Ok so I pulled out my manifold and turbo and replaced all the exhaust gaskets and it made a hell of a difference. My manifold to turbo gasket was half missing and the turbo bolts were barely on. Crazy shit. I put new gaskets and tack welded the turbo bolts to the manifold so they dont come undone again from vibration.
As for my 02 sensor goes, Im using one from an 87 300zx. i had to cut and splice a new connector on but still no reference voltage to the ECU. What kind of 02 is everyone using for their s13 redtops? I have a #62 ECU
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