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I did a big rotor upgrade on my S14 when installed the Z32 front brakes and I had some extra sets of brackets cut that I no longer need.

The brackets I have relocate the 300zx Z32 4-piston front calipers outward and allow you to use front brake rotors from a 1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. The VR-4 rotors are 12.4" diameter (compared to 11" stock Z32 rotors) and 30mm thick. If you do this upgrade you must have 300zx Z32 calipers that are for 30mm thick rotors, the 26mm version of the 300zx Z32 calipers will not fit.

the brackets are cut from 1/4 steel and come with the mounting bolts and hardware that you will need. I even made up some quick installation instructions so you know how to put them on.
You must have 5lug hubs so the new rotors will fit on.
You dont need to change your brake lines to do the big rotor upgrade.
I personally designed these brackets on Autocad using my own measurements and cut several prototypes before finalizing the design.
I can email you a picture or two.
I am asking $65 for a set, shipping will be included in that. I have 3 sets leftover (had to fill the minimum order when I had them cut).
email me at:
[email protected]
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