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S13 with 300zx quarters?

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Anybody got any info on this? The guy in this vid has it:

I could be wrong.

But what the hell did he do?

YouTube - 240sx vg30det videoclip
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Custom body work to fit a Z32 QTR window. there's also companies out there that make covers that go over the Rear window to give the same effect. Looks kind of ugly IMO.
Know of any names? Getting ahold of a s13 very soon. Just researching possibilities.
I wonder how many pounds of bondo are in the ass end of that thing?
there is only one car ever that looks good with these
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That is so skank nasty.. I like it , think it would win in a ******* contest??
I think its beastly boso lol. I like it. It has a bad ass aura about it
Border makes a set. I forgot the other companies.
Personally I like it.. and if it works out and I get this s13, I plan on doing it after I get some decent parts and a nice swap in there. Swaps are easy, body work is not haha. Bodywork for me is last.
there is only one car ever that looks good with these
the shit i left in the toilet this morning looked better. they probably sound the same tho.
eww stop killing s13's
Its called the road warrior and it actually sounds very good. It does need a paint job
It looks horrible no matter what. Exhaust is retarded, wheels look gross, tires are a plus to that. And the CB Radio Antenna? WTF seriously? I can appreciate a clean or functional S-Chasiis. that doesn't see to have any of it. Atleast none that I see.
there is only one car ever that looks good with these
i didnt know fail came in so many options hahahahah!
Its a drift car and its a monster kat the exhaust sounds good also. it could use a paint job but its unique
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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